Second Life Landscape
Advanced Virtual

Advanced Virtual

Taking your business into Second Life.

The virtual world is a reality. This is not a paradox, nor is it a trend. This is a paradigm shift in the way business is done, and the transition is already well underway. Gartner analysts have gone on record stating that 80 percent of active internet users will have a "Second Life" in the virtual world by the end of 2011. Visionary companies will be the first to stake a claim in the new frontier. They understand their audience and want to build brand relationships that are as cross paradigmatic as real world relations are cross border and cross cultural. Advanced Virtual exists to facilitate that corporate migration.

As with any other world, you need a guide who is thoroughly familiar with the new environement. They need to know the local tongue, local customs and practices, whilst being able to speak your own language too. Advanced Virtual is composed of mature practitioners who are well versed in knowledge trasference and are ready to share our expertise with our clients to establish their presence in virtual worlds such as Second Life, and to support and sustain that presence at both practically and strategically.

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